SAFETY DATA SHEET

According to 91/155 EC


Reviewed on 2nd Aug 2014

  1. Identification of substances:

Product details

Trade name:

PROFLEX: Closed-Cell Cross-Linked Polyolefin Foam SELF EXTINGUISHING TYPES

Article number: HT – 157/4

Manufacturing /Supplier:


Information: See Chapter 16 (contact)

Emergency Information: See manufacturer/ supplier

  1. Composition/ Data on components:

Chemical characterization

Description: cross – linked foam on Polyolefin


1309 – 64 – 4, antimony trioxide 1+5% Xn: 40

  1. Hazards Identification

Hazards designation: Classified as non-Hazardous

Material is classified as non-Dangerous good

  1. First aid measures

Swallowed: If swallowed do not induce vomiting, seek medical advice

Eye: If product comes in contact with eyes wash affected area with cold water, Irritation continues seek Medical advice.

Skin: in the event of abrasion or irritation of skin seek Medical advice.

Inhaled: if fumes or combustion inhaled, remove from contaminated area and seek Medical Advice to Doctor: Treat Symptomatically.

PROFLEX: Closed-Cell Cross-Linked Polyolefin Foam SELF EXTINGUISHING TYPES

  1. Fire fighting measures

Material should be kept away from excessive heat sources and sources of ignition Auto ignition temperature: ˃ 300C

Suitable extinguishing agents:

CO2, extinguishing power or water jet, Fight larger fire with foam.

Special hazards caused by the material, its product of combustion or resulting gases.

Formation of toxic gases is possible during heating or in case of fire.

Protective equipment”

Put on breathing apparatus.

  1. Accidental release measures

Person – related safety precaution: void

Measures for environmental protection: void

Measures for cleaning/ collecting: void

Recycling is possible contact manufacturer for recycling options.

  1. Handling and storage

Store away from excessive heat, ignition sources and oxidizing agents Handling:

Information for safe handling:

Prevent formation of dust.

Information about protection against explosions and fires: When

Keep breathing equipment ready.

When cutting, skiving, routing or grinding, cells are destroyed accelerating the release Of any retained blowing agent, therefore it is possible for explosive concentrations

Of the  blowing agent to accumulate in localized area

It is vital that there be adequate to  enable blowing agent to dissipate.

PROFLEX: Closed-Cell Cross-Linked Polyolefin Foam SELF EXTINGUISHING TYPES


Requirements to be met by storerooms and contains:

No special requirements

Further information about storage conditions:


  1. Exposure controls and personal protection

 Personal protective equipment

General protective and hygienic measures:

Avoid skin contact with the liquefied material. 

  1. Physical and chemical properties

From: Solid in various forms

Color: According to product specification

Odor: Odorless

Value/ Range Unit Method
Change in condition
Melting point/ melting range 105 – 110 °C
Flash point 420 – 440 °C ASTM D 1929
Ignition temperature 430 – 450 °C DIN 54836
Density: at 31 °C 0.025 – 0.3 g/cm³ DIN 53420
Solubility In/ with water: Insoluble

PROFLEX: Closed-Cell Cross-Linked Polyolefin Foam SELF EXTINGUISHING TYPES


  1. Stability and reactivity

Thermal decomposition / condition to be avoid:

No decomposition if used according to specifications.

Dangerous products of decomposition:

Carbon monoxide

Hydrogen bromide

  1. Toxicological Information

 Acute toxicity: Primary Irritant effect:

On the skin: No irritant affect.

 Additional toxicological Information

 When used and handled according to specifications, the product does not have any armful Effect according to our experience and the information provide to us. 

  12.  Ecological Information

Ecological effects:

Remarks: Can be mechanically separated in sewage purification plants

Ulterior Indication:

At present no eco – toxicological assessments are know

PROFLEX: Closed-Cell Cross-Linked Polyolefin Foam SELF EXTINGUISHING TYPES

  1. Disposal Information



Can be re used after processing,

On the basis of necessary technical regulations end after consultation with the disposal agent

And the relevant authorities can be deposited with domestic waste or incinerated with domestic waste.

  1. Transport Information

 Land transport ADR/RID {cross – border}: ADD/RID Class:

Substance Index Number-Maritime transport IMDG: Correct technical name:

 Transport/ Additional Information:

No dangerous good according to International transport regulations. 

  1. Regulatory Information

Designation according to EC guidelines:

Labeling according to EEC Directive/Ordinance on hazardous Substances is not required.

PROFLEX: Closed-Cell Cross-Linked Polyolefin Foam SELF EXTINGUISHING TYPES

  1. Other Information

This data is based on our present knowledge; however, it shall not constitute a guarantee for any specific

Product feature and shall not establish a legally valid contractual relationship.