Installation Techniques

Only skilled craftsman related to the air –conditioning industry shall carry out all the insulation work and special attention be paid to the final coating of insulated that will be on view. All plain surfaces shall be trowel led to a truly smooth surface and all pipe insulation shall be finished using, purpose made metal or hardwood as necessary for a clean, smooth, unlined surface to the approval of the engineer.

Duct External Insulation Sequence

  • Measure duct size and shape.
  • the ProFlex polyolefin foam to the correct size and shape.
  • Lay the ProFlex polyolefin foam on clean plywood.
  • Apply ProFlex adhesive onto the polyolefin foam and G.I. bare duct.
  • Bring the adhesive coated polyolefin foam up to the duct and wrap around G.I Bare duct. (Refer to figure 1 below)
Figure 1 external insulation


Duct Internal Insulation Sequence

  • Measure duct size and shape, cut the polyolefin foam to the correct size and Shape accordingly
  • Place weld pins on maximum 400mm centres and along each side of a butted Longitudinal liner seam that is a way from a corner.
  • Apply contact adhesive on to the duct surface and polyolefin foam surface.
  • Place the polyolefin foam onto the duct and wrap around the G.I bare duct.
  • Place the 50mm diameter washers on to the weld pins.
  • Apply ProFlex adhesive on all transverse edges except when metal nosing is Present. (Refer to figure 2 below)




  • The adhesive used is a heat treated acrylic self-adhesive system. Can be coated with various type of pressure sensitive adhesive 
  • It relies on pressure to proper bond to duct. Once fixed, adhesive should be padded firmly to ensure contact with the duct metal sheet. 
  • The adhesive can be re-positioned for better alignment. Provided no

      pressure is applied and it is done immediately.however,once the adhesive cure, it will be impossible to re-position or peel off the duct.

  • The exceptional flexibility of proflex is great help to the installer, 
  • Proflex is supplied in any thickness,any size of Rolls and sheet to

      minimize wastages,installation time redused further when supplied with aluminium foil and self adhesive which is more ppopular in duct

  • Insulation application.proflex material can be easily applied to the

     metal duct through a process of pre-adhesion,proflex doesn’t emit dust or fiber pariticle so protective clothing required during installation


All duct work should be clean of grease and oil to clean the duct, first wiped down with a clean cloth to remove excess remove grease and oil, a suitable solvent should be used such as methylated spirits or acetone. Wipe duct clean and allow solvent to evaporate. Work in a clean area to avoid dust.


General duct work insulation for construction HVAC System (building/Factory) it is also suitable for square and round duct construction

Firstly cut the required length of proflex required. This will depend on whether a wrap-around system