Acoustic Insulation


Proflex Acoustic Lagging

Noise pollution is an often overlooked environment problem, disturbance from un wanted sound can effect human health and performance, Noise radiating from piping and ductwork can be a serious problem in modern building construction. Turbulent flow piping noise can be caused by water or other liquids passing through elbows, vales or other transition pieces. Duct noise is caused by air flowing past obstructions or branches which results in vibration of the metal duct work this vibration then radiates noise into the building. Proflex developed a most effective treatment method for the control of piping and duct breakout noise is to wrap the piping and ducting with proflex acoustic lagging. Current building construction material cause piping and ducting work noise to be more of a concern today than in the past.

Application: Waste – Water and sewage pipes


Proflex Lining – Open cell

Metal duct work often requires acoustic insulation to prevent air-borne noise from inside the duct Noise Emerges into the building through grills and other transition pieces, Proflex duct lining open cell design primarily to provide acoustic insulation to the duct system
Due to the excellent thermal and acoustic properties Proflex can breakout noise transmission; also improve comfort, and thermal performance. Proflex tested according to ASTM C423 -09a (Standard test method for sound absorption and sound absorption coefficient by the Reverberation Room method ) Frequency range was 100Hz to 5000Hz in 1/3 Octave bands. Proflex Foam Density 33 kg /m2 Thickness: 8mm, ( A-mounting according to ASTM E 795-05) Absorption Coefficient 0.30 to the Frequency 500Hz and 0.67 to the Frequency 5000Hz Noice Reduction Coefficient (NRC) 0.45 Application: Internal surfaces of the metal duct for air-conditioning or ventilation ductwork, under – floor and wall insulation

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Aluminium Tape 2”-3”


Foam tapes and gaskets


3mm x 12mm x10m
3mm x 20mm x 10m
3mm x 25mm x 10m
3mm x 50mm x 10m


Double side self adhesive tape


3mm x 12mm x10m
3mm x 20 mm x 10m
3mm x 50mm x 10m


Proflex Adhesive


Proflex Adhesive has been specially formulated for proflex
products and guarantees a homogeneous and reliable joints its seams