R &D

Proflex Insulation developed after continuous and understanding the needs of the changing demands of the new generation equipment solution.

Benefits of Proflex Insulation

Proflex is a chemically and physically cross-linked closed-cell polyolefin foam thermal insulation

Proflex XPE/IXPE both properties are same.IXPE cross linked with physically irradiation. IXPE has a very smooth surface and fine cell structure.

What does cross-linked means?
A method of making the cell structure stronger-preventing thetrapped gas bubbles from bursting. This means that Proflexhas superior strength to other non cross-linked and Rubber material


How can Proflex Insulation Benefit the Environment

With today’s increasing consumer awareness of protecting the environment. Proflex has been Engineered to provide high quality insulation, Proflex is an insulating material produced without the use of CFC, HCFC, with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) which mean Environment friendly product.


Proflex Energy Saving, Money Saving Insulation

Energy is the single largest operating expenses for commercial building and factories each year Did you know that about 44% of your total utility bill pays for heating and cooling your Home, Commercial Buildings and Factories We offer Proflex specifically for the insulation requirements of various industries, with a sole purpose of improving the energy efficiency, and thereby helping in conserving energy.


Excellent fire-retardant

Proflex contains various flame blocking and smoking reducing elements and therefore smoke density is very low when a fire occurs. Proflex doesn’t melt when it caches fire, not to cause spark it has self fire extinguishing material and cannot be the root cause of combustion.